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GAM MACHINE Air Micro Guage . Capacity 0.3mm to 2mm diameter. Best used for checking Petrol flow in two wheeler carburetors. Buzzer installed for indicating abnormal range. Low maintenance. Durable.
Front Rear Cover Cooling ring Aluminum Product
RV Cover Housing RV Cover Housing, PLV, big cover, ALSV body fully aluminium PDC castings for commercial vehicles
Electrical Junction box - Export Junction boxes are widely used in European countries in electrical installations
Aluminium PDC Powder coated Parts All kinds of Aluminium components Powder coating done.
Toaster Aluminium Toaster powder coated Top and Bottom parts used as a food processor.
Aluminium GDC Parts We are major manufacturer of AI GDC Parts which are used material is LM9 & LM24, Sizes 300gms & 25Kgs, and used applications are Auto Components, Electrical, and Engineering products.
GE HAUSE ALSi12Cu, ALSi9Cu3, ALSi10Mg(LM 9), ADC 12
Zinc PDC parts We are one of largest manufacturer of Zing PDC Parts & Fixtures used super finest quality which is MAZAK-3 & MAZAK-5 Materials, Sizes 10gms - 750gms and use applications for Auto Components, Electrical, Food Processing Items.
AI PDC Parts We are tremendous manufacturer of AI PDC Parts with best features which are used materials ALSi12Cu, ALSi9Cu3, ALSi10Mg(LM 9), ADC 12, Sizes 20gms - 2Kg and use for Auto Components, Electrical, Food Processing Items.
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